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On the weekend of 9/23-9/25, are you available from 4pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday?
I have a conflict for part of the event.
Are you a student?
Yes, Undergrad
Yes, Grad
If current student, are you affiliated with:
Previously I have:
Check all that apply:
Previous Experience: Please discuss any previous experience you have with entrepreneurship or business creation. Feel free to link to work that exemplify your skills: previous startups, website designs, business plans, code, etc.
What is your motivation to be part of the Engler Startup Experience? What do you believe you can contribute to a fledgling business?
Do you have an idea for a startup? If so, give us the elevator (30-60 sec) pitch. If not, name one or two recent startups you find exciting and why.
Any other information you would like us to know? Any additional explanation for the above?
Would you like to have your resume included in a resume book for each participating mentor to have?
If so, please email a copy to Michelle at
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